The Ultimate Lite Weight 22LR Upper for your AR15

$339.95 ULW UPPER (aluminum barrel shroud) w/o bolt and charge handle

$474.95 ULW UPPER (aluminum barrel shroud) with bolt & charge handle

Quantity:        $15.00 --- 1/2-28 X .40" LONG THREADED BARREL
Quantity:        $45.00 --- FUL OPTION -- CARBON FIBER BARREL


Utilizing the the strength and weight savings of carbon fiber and aluminum we can now say the lightest AR15 rifle upper has hit the market. Starting with the 17" barrel, we use a Redman liner, threaded into a 416 SS breech plug and chambered. This entire assembly is covered with an alumum housing with a threaded cap on the muzzle end. Our barrels are in fact....tension barrels....adding to the achieved accuracy potential of the AR15 22RF uppers. We utliize natural convection to take the heat away and vent it out under the hand guard, our barrel will always be cool to the touch. Next, we hold the barrel in place with our ULW hand guard that comes in at under 6 ounces. At 13.5" long, you'll have no trouble finding a comfortable place to put your hand on this small diameter hand guard. 

We give you the option to buy a complete upper, ready to attach to your lower; or for those of you that already have a Ceiner/CMMG style 22LR insert ready to marry to a new upper, we offer our uppers with out the bolt assembly......of course we do provide you with the barrel collar to complete your conversion.

The ULW (Ultra Lite Weight) 22RF Upper features an aluminum barrel shroud and weighs in at 2lbs 8oz complete

A piece of art for your AR15.....our 22LR bolt is nickel plated adding form and function to a great upper. Little or no lubrication is required in normal operation of our uppers
All completeTACCOM uppers come with the ENHANCED Firing Pin and Patent Pending PRESSURE PLUG so that you can use your match trigger (down to 3.5#) and have a reliable, functioning firearm.
Our Baker plates are tig welded, on both sides of the rail with fillet welds providing the strongest weld in the industry for this application.....you WILL NOT break our backers off.

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